Councillor Paulette Hamilton

Paulette Hamilton

Councillor Paulette Hamilton has been a Labour Councillor in Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, since June 2004; and took up the position of Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care in May 2015. Her interest in politics developed following her active involvement in a number of health projects at a local, regional and national level. She has also held the role of the City’s Mental Health Champion.

Councillor Paulette Hamilton is passionate about raising awareness of Mental Health. Outside the Council, she held a number of nursing roles before going on to work at the Royal College of Nursing as a Professional Development Advisor.

As Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care; she is determined that she will use this role to be an ambassador for change; to make a difference and improve the outcomes for some of the City’s most vulnerable citizens and their families and carers. She is actively involved in working with our citizens, and health partners to create a more joined-up health and social care service that improves outcome for our citizens with a focus on prevention, independence and enablement.