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Recruitment Programs

Access diverse labour markets and new talent on your doorstep

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Employers are increasingly finding it harder to recruit and retain employees with the right skills, which is a direct threat to business growth and competitiveness.

To counteract this, businesses must consider sourcing talent differently, and access the untapped pool of talent on their doorstep.

Harnessing the skills of local refugee and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities is the answer to addressing these skills shortages.

75% of firms saw lower turnover rates for refugees than overall staff. Fiscal Policy Institute and the Tent Partnership for Refugees, 2018

Research shows that diverse teams have higher levels of engagement from employees, earn higher profit margins, outperform their peers, and are more innovative.

It is time to embrace this opportunity and take a different approach to recruitment.

Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to financially outperform the national industry median, and therefore their competitors. McKinsey, 2015

Don’t be scared by cultural differences or your organisation’s lack of knowledge in this area – ACH can help. Established 2008, our award-winning social enterprise has offices in Bristol, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Sandwell.

Himilo is our training subsidiary, providing career advice, training and support to 2,500 people in the West of England and the West Midlands each year to help them access jobs and build careers.

Through Himilo, employers including First West of England and Starbucks partner with us to access work-ready talent from these overlooked communities; recruiting the diverse workforce they need to remain competitive.

How we can help

Our specialism is pre-employment sourcing and training of potential candidates to get you the right employees with the right skills.

We will work with you to:

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What we offer
Staff recruitment

Meet your staffing needs


Increase the diversity of your workforce

Staff retention

Increase staff retention

Positive impact

Create a positive impact on local communities

Insight and reporting

Provide insight and reporting on your social and economic impact


Staff training for cultural change within your organisation

Pilot scheme
Pilot schemes

Pilot schemes at a discounted rate to prove value and that it works

working in partnership with starbucks & first west of england

ACH provides pre-employment training and one-to-one support to selected candidates, followed by guaranteed job interviews for barista roles within Starbucks stores across Birmingham and Bristol.

starbucks barista roles & employment training for refugees


First West of England

In December 2018, we teamed up with First West of England to give local refugees the opportunity to become bus drivers through a special training program in Bristol. 9 out of 11 candidates were successful.

Candidates on the ACH First West of England refugee bus driver training programme

ACH refugee training & community integration poster
ACH and Gapsquare analytics and consultancy package
a package of consultancy and analytical support from ACH and Gapsquare