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Movies and media may paint a certain picture of the country you unexpectedly find yourself in, but the stark reality often differs greatly from fiction. Whether for refugees or migrants, We are committed to reshaping perceptions, influencing policies, and ensuring that individuals in the UK are #RethinkingRefugee and Migration.

My professional graphic design career started in Ukraine. After leaving my home country and relocating to the UK, I was eager to continue my career here. Adapting a job to a new country is not an easy task. First, I needed to determine where to start...

First Contact with ACH

I visited a job centre and met Shirley, a career adviser from ACH. I explained my goal to her: I wanted to work as a freelance graphic designer. Shirley mentioned ACH’s entrepreneur support programme and took my details to provide the best support.

To celebrate Easter/Fasika and Eid, we brought together our tenants and staff for a fantastic time of fun and relationship-building. Our goal is always to make our community feel like home, no matter the circumstances that brought us together. In our view, if you celebrated these events in your previous homes, then we will aim to bring that feeling here so no one misses out!

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Read the stories from people who we have had the pleasure of working with and have since settled and rebuilt their lives here in the UK – or forged a career helping others to do the same.