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Rent your property to refugees

Renting your property to refugees through ACH makes business sense: saving you money on fees, earning you a competitive monthly rent, whilst providing someone with the foundation to build a life in the UK.

Our expert in-house team can handle all of your property management headaches, and our long-standing connections with trustworthy suppliers enables us to manage larger renovation projects, cost effectively and hassle free.​


Why rent with ACH?

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3-5 year leases

Providing you with peace of mind and a competitive monthly rent​

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No license needed

Saving you time, money and hassle​

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Simple to arrange

No setup costs and free compliance advice

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Less paperwork

We manage all tenancy agreements

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Full property management

Including monthly inspections at no extra cost​

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Maintenance service

We manage all responsive maintenance requests​

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Bespoke renovation scheme

To take good care of your property​

ACH landlord and tenant

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To discuss the possibility of renting your property with us, please contact our housing team.


ACH landlord and housing manager

"Renting with ACH has been stress-free, everything we needed it to be and an opportunity to do something positive".​​

- Chris, ACH landlord.​

Hear from some of our fantastic landlords on what it's like to rent your property with ACH.

Cllr. Paul Smith and ACH staff

Empty Homes Project with Bristol City Council

ACH has been working with Bristol City Council to provide an innovative solution to housing refugees in the city.

Bristol City Council has agreed to lease a number of properties to ACH so that they can be used for move on accommodation as part of their refugee resettlement programme. All of the properties required extensive repair and refurbishment and the cost of this was funded by ACH. In return, the Council agreed to grant leases for 10 years at peppercorn rents in order that ACH could fund the repair work.

As part of the refurbishment programme, a number of ACH tenants have worked on the properties, helping them pick up construction skills.