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ACH team at away day playing drums

Blogs and news

A Peek Inside Our Supported Accommodation

Contrary to the common perceptions and grim imagery associated with supported accommodations, our houses are of good standards, offering a neat, well-ventilated, and naturally lit living place. They are more than ‘just a roof over your head’.

A call for certainty for Ukrainians in the UK

Over 56,000 people have signed two separate Parliament petitions calling for the government to allow Ukrainians the right to settle in the UK.

Sewing the Scene at Bristol Old Vic

After engaging with so many women across a wide range of projects, we found that there were mainly two things that bonded the women: food and sewing.

A Call for a National Refugee Integration Policy Framework

Refugees, as Lord German described, are individuals with legal rights to be in the UK, requiring our protection, regardless of their mode of arrival or country of origin.

#RethinkingRefugee x UWE Podcast Series

These podcast series are created by talented UWE students and feature our amazing business clients. In our very first episode, hosted by the talented Rica Garcia, we had the pleasure of featuring our valuable business client and receptionist, Nesrin.

Our impact in 2023

Despite the challenges faced in 2023, and after 15 years of changing lives, we are very proud to report that we have helped more than 20,000 people through housing, training and career and business support.

Elevating Employee Engagement: Our EOY Surprise Staff Gift

Every team member, whether in the office or working in the field (houses), was in for a delightful surprise – a personalised gift package.

A Year of Empowerment

Today, as we proudly stand 15 years strong, the heat is still on, met with shared passion alongside the incredible ACHers who have become the heart of our cause. Without them, our mission would face significant hurdles.

Better Health and Wellbeing for Everyone

All the participants in this study were extremely grateful for the National Health Service and praised the doctors and nurses who have helped them in times of need.