ACH team at away day playing drums

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A Home Away from Home

Movies and media may paint a certain picture of the country you unexpectedly find yourself in, but the stark reality often differs greatly from fiction.

Celebrating Volunteers' Week: Maryna's Volunteering Story

My professional graphic design career started in Ukraine. After leaving my home country and relocating to the UK, I was eager to continue my career here. Adapting a job to a new country is not an easy task. First, I needed to determine where to start...

All about Birmingham's Tenant Festival and Coventry's Fasika

To celebrate Easter/Fasika and Eid, we brought together our tenants and staff for a fantastic time of fun and relationship-building. Our goal is always to make our community feel like home, no matter the circumstances that brought us together.

UK GENERAL ELECTION 2024: A Call for Policy Change and Support for Refugee Integration

This upcoming election offers us an opportunity for policy change and a new direction, we should consider how our individual votes can positively address the pressing issues in the refugee and migrant sectors.

Combining Green Business Skills and Nature Connection

At ACH, we’ve been bustling with activity, dedicated to delivering, refining, and innovating our Introduction to Green Employment course, our Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship course alongside providing continued support to our clients through our Green Gr

Here's how our Business Start-Up Workshop Went in Birmingham and Bristol

This partnership was born out of a pressing need to bridge the gap between migrant founders and the wider business community.

Bridge to employment - Igor's story

Igor arrived in the UK in May 2022, leaving behind the turmoil of his beloved Ukraine. A successful lawyer with his own firm, Igor had built a reputation representing prominent figures in the high levels of government.

Understanding and Combatting Black Mould and Damp in Your Home

What causes black mould and damp?

Black mould and damp typically occur in areas where there is excess moisture and inadequate ventilation.

An Interview with our New Board Chair

With a distinguished background in governance and social impact, Museji brings a wealth of experience and a visionary outlook to his role at ACH.

In a recent interview, he shared insights into his journey and vision for ACH's future: