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Refugee Accommodation & Housing UK

Providing Homes For Refugees In Britain

The ACH refugee housing program is designed to find homes for refugees living in Britain who are homeless and vulnerable. Providing access to safe and secure housing is the first step towards successfully integrating refugees into society and giving them a chance to live and work independently. We assist our tenants with council and social housing applications, as well as finance and refugee housing benefits.

Everyone deserves a place to call home. Homelessness can have very damaging health effects, both physical and mental, compounding the distress of fleeing persecution from another country. We have a moral duty to accept refugees and give them the best chance of rebuilding their lives. Given the right support, refugees and asylum seekers are amazingly resilient and can make a positive contribution to society here in the UK.

Our refugee accommodation is based in the Midlands and south west of England. Our ongoing housing advice and support includes taking care of repairs and maintenance in your home and ensuring that all of the financial arrangements are in place. Our refugee housing program is tried and tested, with around 4000 tenants accessing housing to date. With a secure and stable base, the people we work with go on to have richer and more fulfilling lives – finding work, learning new skills, and becoming happily integrated in the community.

Our Refugee Housing Program

We house single vulnerable adults with support needs, and our niche is newly arrived refugees.

Our refugee housing primarily consists of single gender houses where tenants have their own room and share communal facilities. Most of it is supported accommodation, where each tenant has a dedicated support worker.

The outcomes we provide for our service users include move-ons, family reunion, resettlement services and employment.

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Existing tenants

If you are an existing ACH tenant and need to contact us, please choose what you wish to contact us about from the options below.

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Make a payment

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