Floor 8, Cobalt Square, 
83 Hagley Road, Birmingham, 
B16 8QG

Telephone : 0121 565 3384
Fax: 0121 5555 418


Some of our courses have now moved online. This means we can offer some classes run from Birmingham to those living in Bristol, Wolverhampton and Coventry.


The Migrant Business Support Project

The Migrant Business Support Project aims to help people from a refugee or migrant background to set up their own business or grow an existing business through personalised business support.

  • 1-1 Business & Entrepreneurship Support from business experts in various industries
  • Advice & Training Modules on Product Development, Ecommerce, Marketing, Social Media, HR, Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • No time limit or cost, even if you are already on a government programme or supported by another organisation
  • Help exploring self-employment, setting up a business or supporting an existing business.

When? Starting in January 2021

Where? In the West of England and West Midlands

How do I enroll? To find out more information or to enroll someone/ yourself for personalised business support, please email:

The awarded grant is part funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union.

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Careers Advice 

Our Careers Support aims to help people from a refugee or migrant background get into a career they love.

We offer:

  • Free careers advice
  • One-to-one job search support
  • Support with interviews, job applications and CV writing
  • Help finding training and volunteering opportunities
  • Support matching you to jobs in the UK.

Where? Birmingham

How do I book an appointment? To find out more information, to enroll yourself or enroll someone else, please email:

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