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Combining Green Business Skills and Nature Connection

As part of the Community Climate Action Project, we are providing training for refugees and migrants on green employment and sustainable business. In this blog, our Project Officer Jah Caballero, shares how our courses are providing enriching experiences.

The diverse backgrounds in our class create a unique tapestry, where conversations about Sustainable Development Goals ignite thought-provoking discussions. 

At ACH, we’ve been bustling with activity, dedicated to delivering, refining, and innovating our Introduction to Green Employment course, our Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship course alongside providing continued support to our clients through our Green Growth Accelerator Project.

Over the past few months, the Introduction to Green Employment course has been a source of delight, we’ve successfully conducted our Introduction to Green Employment course on three occasions. It has been an enjoyable and invigorating experience, fostering meaningful engagement with our learners on climate change concepts. Picture this: lively discussions over a cup of tea on a Wednesday afternoon in Bristol, where participants exchange stories and insights into the impact and nuances of climate change in their home countries. The diverse backgrounds in our class create a unique tapestry, where conversations about Sustainable Development Goals ignite thought-provoking discussions. Despite cultural differences, we collectively recognise the local and global implications of climate change, underlining the imperative need for a just transition lens when addressing climate action, especially considering its devastating effects in the global south.

Midway through the course, we embark on a trip to St. Werburghs City Farm. For many learners, this visit marks their first encounter with the farm, an oasis within our urban landscape. Here, amidst the serene surroundings, learners enjoy connecting with the animals, indulging in moments of sheep feeding and goat petting—some even find solace and nostalgia in these interactions, reminiscent of their homelands. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our cohorts, we’ve decided to transform our course structure to centre all our lessons at the farm, aligning more closely with the desires of our community while nurturing our learners’ holistic development and wellbeing. Personally, this experience has reinforced the profound impact of nature and animal connections in alleviating stress and providing comfort. The upcoming course in May/June, set amidst the welcoming of the farm animals and the warmth of sunshine, holds promise for an enriching experience.

In addition to the Introduction to Green Employment course, we’ve been preparing for the Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship Course which we are running with Co-Exist Community Kitchen on Thursdays from 11 April. We’re excited to welcome aspiring home chefs eager to delve deeper into the catering industry, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. This comprehensive 7-week course is designed to immerse participants in the essentials of both technical skills and practical entrepreneurial knowledge, all while emphasising the core principles of sustainability. By blending these crucial elements, learners will gain the knowledge and skills needed to make informed, eco-friendly business decisions should they choose to do so.

If you’re interested in enrolling in either of these courses or would like tailored one-on-one support for your business or to help your business ideas become more sustainable, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Please also get in touch at if you are able to offer volunteering or work experience opportunities for our learners within the green sector.

*This article was initially published on the Bristol Climate Nature website.

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