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Stress-free, everything I needed it to be | Why you should rent your property to refugees

Chris owns a three-bed house in Bristol and started renting for the first time with ACH in February 2022.

Chris came across ACH when needing to move house due to his job. He and his partner wanted to retain their property by renting it, whilst creating a positive impact for refugees in the UK.

Having not rented before, ACH helped Chris asses what was needed to make the property compliant , whilst taking away the stress of sourcing contractors to complete the work and the admin that comes with renting.

 "Renting with ACH has been stress-free, everything we needed it to be and an opportunity to do something positive".

Why did you decide to rent with ACH?

We needed to move due to my job but we wanted to retain our property and therefore needed to rent it. We knew we wanted to use our assets to make a positive impact and had heard about ACH and the work they did with refugees through my partner.

How was the setup process?

We've had a really positive experience. ACH has been amazing; they have been really patient and helpful. Being the first time doing this, I had a lot of questions. They were great at giving us all of the information we needed in a way that made sure we were properly informed.

We needed a lot of work done on the house and wanted a new bathroom. ACH helped us asses what we needed to do before we could rent and also organised all of the renovation work with their contractors and in-house team, making it very competitive price-wise. The renovation work completed was high class and so thorough. It was great as it was work that we wanted to have done for ages.

How has your rental experience been so far?

Because this was new to us, we were worried about how hard it would be. But, ACH do all of the admin and their long-term rental commitments have removed a lot of our concerns. I'm not fantastic at admin and I haven't done this before but it has been made so simple for us. It has been such a smooth process.

In one sentence; it has been stress-free, everything we needed it to be and an opportunity to do something positive.

Any advice for people thinking about renting their property to refugees?

Just do it, you won't lose anything and you will enable people to build a life in the UK.

We have houses, which is an absolute blessing. Here is the chance to help people get back on their feet.

Interested in renting your property with us?

Renting your property to refugees through ACH makes business sense: saving you money on fees, earning you a competitive monthly rent, whilst providing someone with the foundation to build a life in the UK.

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"We know that our investment is making a positive difference and we save money on fees compared to if we rented with other agencies. We would absolutely recommend working with ACH!"

- Emily, ACH Landlord

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