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Great and very responsive service | Why you should rent your property to refugees

Tony and his family are established landlords who own multiple HMOs that they rent in and around Bristol. They have rented their eight-bed home with ACH for over three years. 

Recently signing another three-year contract, ACH has helped reduce Tony's workload, removing the time constraints of managing the property and dealing with maintenance requests.

"We've always had a great and very responsive service from ACH and I recommend people to rent with them."

Why did you decide to rent with ACH?

As a family, we are very hands-on when it comes to renting and looking after our properties. But there comes a time when you have to let go of the reins a little hence why we got involved with ACH.

How has your rental experience with ACH been? 

We were apprehensive, to begin with, as this was our first time renting with ACH. However, as soon as we handed over the keys, we were reassured by their service. If there have been any problems with the property, Saed (Bristol Housing Manager) has always been on the case and taken care of them straight away. 

We get an agreed monthly rent that is always paid on time and they look after the management of the property which helps to reduce my workload. It can be busy managing our other properties, so handing one property over to ACH has been good. 

In one sentence; it has been a good experience and ACH has provided a great service.

Any advice for people thinking about renting their property to refugees?

Talk to Saed (Bristol Housing Manager), visit their offices, and see how professional they are. 

We've always had a great and very responsive service from ACH and I recommend people to rent with them.

Interested in renting your property with us? 

Renting your property to refugees through ACH makes business sense: saving you money on fees, earning you a competitive monthly rent, whilst providing someone with the foundation to build a life in the UK.

Our expert in-house team can handle all your property management headaches from tenancy agreements to maintenance requests and more.

Contact us or visit our webpage for more information.


ACH landlord and housing manager

"Renting with ACH has been stress-free, everything we needed it to be and an opportunity to do something positive."

- Chris, ACH landlord

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